Conference Venue
Hotel Palace, Topličin Venac 23, Belgrade.
Limited number of rooms is reserved by Organizers for invited lecturers. If you are interested to book the room in this Hotel, please, do it personally. With a Reservation code for conference participants (PC2024) you may obtain special discount.
Registration desk will be opened during all time of the Conference.
23rd September Opening and Plenary lectures
(Starting from around 09:30)
24th September Section Lectures, Oral and poster Presentations
25th September Excursion
26th September Section Lectures, Oral and poster Presentations
27th September Section Lectures, Oral and poster Presentations
Closing Session (at about 17:00)
AChemical Thermodynamics
BSpectroscopy, Molecular Structure, Physical Chemistry of Plasma
CKinetics, Catalysis
DNonlinear Dynamics, Oscillatory Reactions, Chaos
FBiophysical Chemistry, EPR investigations of Bio-systems
GOrganic Physical Chemistry
HMaterial Science
IPhysical Chemistry of Condensed Phases, Solid State and Fluids
JMacromolecular Physical Chemistry
KEnvironmental Protection, Forensic Sciences, Geophysical Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry
LPhase Boundaries, Colloids, Liquid Crystals, Surface-Active Substances
MComplex Compounds
NGeneral Physical Chemistry
OPharmaceutical Physical Chemistry
PFood Physical Chemistry
QPhysico-Chemical Analysis
RPhotochemistry, Radiation Chemistry, Photonics
SFree Topic

Confirmed plenary lecturers

Confirmed section lecturers