Обавештења за 2020

  1. Поштоване колеге,

    У наставку ове поруке наћи ћете обавештење о школи из биофизике/биоинформатике коју ове године Америчко физичко друштво (APS) организује у Сао Паулу, у Бразилу. Додељују се стипендије за учешће у школи, а додатне информације се могу наћи на овом линку.

    Срдачан поздрав,
    Канцеларија Друштва физикохемичара Србије

    Dear all,

    We would like to remind all of you that the online application is open until January 19, 2020 (last call), for the "APS & ICTP-SAIFR Young Physicists Forum on Biological Physics: from Molecular to Macroscopic Scale", which will take place at ICTP-SAIFR at the UNESP campus in São Paulo, Brazil, in March 9-15, 2020. Travel funds are available for selected students from all world regions. Application should be done during the registration process.

    Covering a broad spectrum of biophysical topics from highly charged, molecular Coulomb systems to the collective behavior of active particles and a broad spectrum of methodological approaches such as advanced constant-pH simulation techniques or recent developments in the foundations of non-equilibrium statistical physics, the school aims at discussing basic concepts as well as state-of-the-art research, and at fostering constructive interactions between theory, simulations and experiments. To this end, a series of about 10 topical lectures will be complemented by discussion and exercise sessions.

    This school is aimed at graduate students and young researchers in the fields of statistical mechanics, materials science, biophysics, bioinformatics, system biology, soft matter and nanobiotechnology. Besides poster sections, participants will have the opportunity to bring their own results for discussions at special group meetings with the Lecturers during the event.


    • Leandro Barbosa (USP-Sao Paulo, Brazil): "Experimental techniques in structural biophysics"
    • Fernando Barroso (USP-Ribeirao Preto, Brazil): "Peculiar electrostatic mechanisms observed in biomolecular systems and constant-pH simulations (methodological developments and applications to functionally interesting systems (e.g., biomaterials, virus, coacervates, protein-RNA interactions)"
    • Marko Djordjevic (University of Belgrade, Serbia): "A biophysical approach to modeling biological systems and bioinformatics"
    • Ralf Eichhorn (NORDITA, Sweden): "Brownian motion and non-equilibrium statistical physics"
    • Shaker Chuck Farah (IQ-USP, Brazil): "Proteins and nucleic acids: basic concepts and challenges"
    • Moyses Nussenzveig (UFRJ, Brazil): "Cell membrane biophysics with optical tweezers"
    • Antonio Carlos Roque (USP-Ribeirao Preto, Brazil): "Neuronal networks (biological and artificial)"
    • Erik Santiso (NC State University, USA): "Developing (macro)molecular models with SAFT-𝞬Mie"
    • Eduardo Lima (UERJ, Brazil): "Ion-specific effects on biocolloidal systems"
    • Julia Yeomans (University of Oxford, UK): "Challenges in active matter: connecting molecular and microscopic scales"


    • Fernando Barroso (Univ. of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    • Ralf Eichhorn (NORDITA, Sweden)

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