Conference Proceedings (29.4 MB)

(A) Chemical Thermodynamics
A-4-P A. S. Plesovskikh, A. V. Knyazev, E. V. Gusarova, S. S. Knyazeva

Calorimetric investigation of riboflavin and cyanocobalamin

A-5-P S. S. Knyazeva, N. G. Chernorukov, M. Mączka

Calorimetric investigation of some spinels

A-6-P M. P. Anisimov, N. T. Tukubaev

Thevolume of metastabile states for binary system under nucleation

A-7-P E. N. Bulanov, V. J. Korokin, A. G. Blokhina

Thermodynamic and thermophysic investigation of apatite binary systems

A-8-P H. Serizawa, T. Osawa, Y. Ohishi, Y. Kaji

Evaluation of thermodynamic properties on unstable steam

A-9-P D. Ž. Popović, J. M. Miladinović, S. R. Grujić

Solubility determinations of K2HPO4∙3H2O(cr) at temperature 298. 15 K by the isopiestic method

A-10-P D. Ž. Popović, J. M. Miladinović, Z. P. Miladinović, S. R. Grujić

The influence of interactions on activity coefficients of ternaryaqueous solutions of K2HPO4 with KCl, KBrand KNO3 at T = 298. 15 K

A-11-P V. Lutsyk, V. Vorob'eva, S. Shodorova

Space computer models of T-x-y diagrams Au-Bi-{Ag, Sb} for lead-freesolders

A-12-P V. Lutsyk, V. Vorob'eva

Definition of 3-phase reaction type changing conditions in systems Cr-Zr-{Mo, W, V} by means of their T-x-y diagrams space computer models

A-13-P V. Lutsyk, A. Zelenaya, E. Nasrulin, A. Zyryanov

Computer models of Т-х-у diagrams of NаCl-MgCl2-UCl3,NаCl-MgCl2-PuCl3, NaCl-UCl3-PuCl3AND MgCl2-UCl3-PuCl3 systems

A-14-P A. Dimitrijević, T. Trtić-Petrović

Phase diagrams of the selected aqueous two-phase systems based on ionic liquids

(B) Spectroscopy,Molecular Structure, Physical Chemistry of Plasma
B-5-P I. Grinvald, I. Vorotyntsev, I. Kalagaev, A. Vorotyntsev, A. Petuhov

IR study of water complexes in KBr matrix

B-6-P B. Marković, J. Ignjatović, V. Savić, M. Vujadinović, K. Karljiković-Rajić

European pharmacopoeia monographs on derivative spectrophotometry and chitosan hydrochloride: inter-laboratory verification

B-7-P D. Škorić, B. Kordić, B. Jović, J. Čanadi

FT-IR and NMR spectroscopic investigation of 12-oxo lithocholic acid derivatives

B-8-P J. M. Dimitrić Marković, Z. S. Marković, D. Milenković, J. Đorović

Energy requirements of the reactions of kaempferol and selected radical species in different media

B-9-P A. Cholach, V. Tapilin

Coupled electron transitions above the core level threshold

B-10-P M. Crevar Sakač, Z. Vujić, V. Kuntić

Development of LC-MS/MS method for determination of atorvastatin and its metabolites in biological samples

B-11-P J. Cvetićanin, M. Milošević, S. Veličković

Laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectra of gadolinium

B-12-P N. S. Krstić, R. S. Nikolić, M. N. Stanković, M. G. Nikolić

Spectroscopic characterization of the products of interaction of lactic acidand M(II) biometal ions: Cu and Co

B-13-P B. Pajkić, M. Milošević, S. Veličković

Generation of gas-phase lithium chloride cluster ions by laser desorption/ionization mass spectromtry

B-14-P H. Ciftci, C. Er. E. Aydin

Developing of analytical method for extraction of beryllium ions on k-birnessite with layered-structure material form (KBRLSM)

B-15-P G. M. Nikolić, A. M. Veselinović, M. M. Vujović, B. S. Milosavljević, Ž. J. Mitić

Electrospray ionization mass spectrometric study of pyrogallol autoxidation in weakly alkaline aqueous solutions

B-16-P M. Momčilović, D. Ranković, M. Kuzmanović, J. Ciganović, M. Stoiljković, J. Savović, M. Trtica

Analytical capability of plasma induced by IR tea CO2 laser pulses on copper target

B-17-P D. Dimić, M. Petković

Theoretical analysis of Cu+ and Fe2+ complexes of(E)-N’-[1-(2-hydroxyphenil) etyliden] isonicotinoylhydrazide)

B-18-P J. Dostanić, D. Lončarević, M. Zlatar

Theoretical study of substituent effects on structural properties of arylazopyridone dyes

B-19-P M. Milčić, B. B. Petković, D. Stanković, S. P. Sovilj

DFT calculations of a [Cu2tpmcGA]3+ complex ion as active component of a voltammetric sensor for determination ofgallic acid

B-20-P A. Azizoglu, C. B. Yildiz

Theoretical investigations on the structural isomers of stannacyclopropylidenoids and plumbacyclopropylidenoids

B-21-P A. Azizoglu, C. Burak Yildiz

Computational study on the electronic and structural properties plumbaallenes

B-22-P A. Azizoglu,I. Sen

The molecular structure and vibrational spectra of n-(4-bromobenzoyl)-anthranilic acid

B-23-P A. Rašović, D. Minić, M. Baranac-Stojanović, V. Blagojević, R. Marković

Barrier to rotation around the C=C bond as a means to quantify push-pull effect of selected 2-alkylidene-4-oxothiazolidines

(C) Kinetics, Catalysis
C-4-P K. Zaharieva, K. Milenova, Z. Cherkezova-Zheleva,A. Eliyas, D. Jovanović, I. Mitov

Photocatalytic activities of nanodimensional cobalt-ferrite type of powders in the degradation of reactive black 5 dye

C-5-P M. Gabrovska, D. Nikolova, M. Shopska, P. Tzvetkov, L. Spasov, D. Simeonov

Effect of Mg additive on the structure and texture of Ni/SiO2 precursors of vegetable oil hydrogenation catalysts

C-6-P D. Lončarević, J. Dostanić, A. Radosavljević-Mihajlović

Photocatalytic activity of peg-modified catalysts

C-7-P D. Stoyanova, Srdjan Petrovic,P. Georgieva, А. Terlecki-Baricevic, D. Mehandjiev

Catalytic activity of perovskite type of oxides in the reaction of nitric oxide reduction with carbon monoxide

C-8-P Yo-ichiIshikawa, Nur Syuhada binti Che Yob

Differences in the potential energy surface for σ-bond activation of n-C3H8between on w-center and on Rh-center

C-9-P S. Marković, A. Stanković, V. Rajić, D. Uskoković

Optical and catalytical properties of microwave processed ZnO powders

C-10-P M. A. Salaev, O. Kh. Poleshchuk, O. V. Vodyankina

On the mechanism of ethylene glycol oxidation over Ag-containing catalysts: a theoretical study

C-11-P P. Banković, A. Ivanović-Šašić, N. Jović-Jovičić, T. Mudrinić

General factorial design in catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of tartrazine

C-12-P I. Y. Petrov, B. G. Tryasunov

Ethylbenzene dehydrogenation over unsupported and γ-Al2O3-supported NiO-V2O5 catalysts

C-13-P C. B. Delgado, C. P. González, F. G. Martínez, Ana C. Perdigón Aller, B. Ortiz Marina

Porous clays heterostructures (PCH’s). synthesis, characterization and catalitic application

C-14-P V. Radonjić, J. Krstić, D. Lončarević, M. Stanković, D. Jovanović, N. Vukelić, D. Nikolova, M. Gabrovska

Synthesis and textural characteristics of nickel based catalyst supported on perlite

C-15-P J. Krstić, V. Radonjić, M. Gabrovska, D. Nikolova, L. Bilyarska, K. Tenchev, N. Vukelić

Effect of Mg additive on the vegetable oilhydrogenation activity of Ni/SiO2 catalysts

C-16-P A. Zarubica, M. Vasic, M. Marinkovic, N. Stojkovic, J. Nedeljkovic

Photocatalytic decolorisation of selected organicdyes by mesoporous TiO2 thin films

C-17-P M. Stanković, V. Radonjić, J. Krstić, D. Marinković

Preparation of Ni/diatomite hydrogenationcatalyst precursors: effect of counter ions on textural characteristics

C-18-P D. Marinković, M. Stanković, B. NedićVasiljević, A. V. Veličković, J. Avramović

Preparation of CaO/γ-Al2O3 catalyst for biodiesel fuels. The catalytic activity in relation to thermal treatment

C-19-P A. Milenković, I. Smičiklas, M. Šljivić-Ivanović, N. Vukelić

Kinetic study of competative Co2+ and Sr2+ sorption by bauxite residue

C-20-P B. Koturević, J. Jovanović, B. Adnađević

Kinetic studies of microwave extraction ofcaffeine from guarana seed in aqueous solution

C-21-P N. S. Serkhacheva, N. I. Prokopov, A. V. Tolkachev, A. Yu. Gervald, E. V. Chernikova

Kinetics of miniemulsion dithiobenzoate-mediatedstyrene polymerization

C-22-P S. M. Sunarić, S. S. Mitić

Metamizole and tetracycline in the reaction withCu (II) and hydrogen peroxide

C-23-P M. M. Vasić, V. A. Blagojević, D. M. Minić, T. Žák, D. M. Minić

Kinetics of crystallization of α-(Fe, Ni) phasesin amorphous Fe37. 5Ni17. 5Cr5Co15B15Si10alloy

C-24-P B. Adnadjević, J. Jovanović

Kinetics of transesterification of sunflower oilin conditions of hydrodynamic cavitation

(D) Nonlinear Dynamics
D-7-P A. M. Spasić, J. M. Jovanović, R. Stevanović,M. Jovanović

Memory storage phenomena at developed liquid-liquid interfaces: electrodynamics and nanorheology

D-8-P M. C. Milenković, I. Ž. Ljubić, D. R. Stanisavljev

The influence of chemically inert Li+and Cs+ ions on Bray-Liebhafsky (BL) dynamics or why larger cation has more impact on BL reaction

D-9-P B. Stanković, Ž. Čupić, S. Mačešić, N. Pejić, Lj. Kolar-Anić

Merging and annihilation of saddle loop,supercritical and subcritical Andronov-Hopf bifurcations

D-10-P Ž. Čupić, S. Blagojević, S. Blagojević,S. Anić, A. Ivanović-Šašić

Ghost of the lost fixed point in a model ofthe Bray-Liebhafsky reaction

D-11-P V. Radojković, L. Schreiberová, I. Schreiber

Oscillations in the urea--urease enzyme reaction

D-12-P F. Muzika, L. Schreiberová, I. Schreiber

Turing patterns in two coupled cells with equal transport coefficients: experiment, model and their usage as logical devices

(E) Electrochemistry
E-5-P T. Mudrinić, Z. Mojović, A. Ivanović-Šašić

The influence of nafion on oxidation of glucoseon gold electrode from alkaline solutions

E-6-P B. B. Petković, D. Stanković, M. Jović, A. T. Ivanović, J. Pavlović

Dinuclear copper (II) octaazamacrocyclic complexin a PVC coated graphite as a voltammetric sensor for determination of gallic acid

E-7-P L. Floroian, M. Badea, D. Floroian, and C. Samoila

Electrochemical corrosion studies on biofunctionalized stainless steel surface

E-8-P L. Floroian, M. Badea, M. Moga, D. Floroian, A. S. Scollo, D. A. Perini

New electroanalytical method for sensitive detection of ochratoxin A

E-9-P M. Žunić, A. Milutinović-Nikolić, D. Stanković, D. Manojlović, N. Jović-Jovičić, P. Banković,Z. Mojović

Electrochemical response of p- nitrophenol at organoclay modified glassy carbon electrode

E-10-P A. Mehellou, R. Delimi, Z. Benredjem, C. Innocent

Influence of properties of metal cations on their removal by electropermutation

E-11-P J. Dimitrić Marković, B. Pejin, S. Gorjanović,Z. S. Marković, D. Sužnjević

Assesment of antioxidant activity of some phenolic compounds by polarography

E-12-P A. Janošević-Ležaić , A. Malenović, J. Goronja, N. Pejić

Micellization of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide in acetonitrile-water mixture: a contuctivity study

E-13-P J. Pantić, M. M. Aleksić, V. Kapetanović

Electrochemical behavior of quinoxaline at glassy carbon and boron doped diamond electrode

E-14-P K. Nikolić, M. M. Aleksić, V. Kapetanović

Voltammetric and theoretical study of cephalosporins at the mercury electrode

E-15-P N. Lijeskić, M. M. Aleksić, V. Kapetanović

In situ evaluation of interaction between varenicline and DNA using DNA-electrochemical biosensor

E-16-P H. Tissaoui, J. Bouteillon, M. Molteni

Kinetics of hydrogen evolution reaction on cobalt electrode in aqueous chloride solutions

E-17-P M. Vujković, M. Milenković, M. Jevremović, M. Gizdavić Nikolaidis, D. Stanisavljev, S. Mentus

Pseudocapacitance behavior of polyaniline in aerated HCl and H2SO4 solutions

(F) Biophysical Chemistry, Photochemistry, RadiationChemistry
F-5-P M. Čolović, V. Vasić, N. Avramović, D. Djurić, D. Krstić

In vitro evaluation of diazinon and its degradation products neurotoxicity potential in rat brain synaptosomes

F-6-P S. Kovačević, S. Podunavac-Kuzmanović, S. Gadžurić, E. Djurendić, J. Ajduković, L. Jevrić

QSAR modelling of anticancer activity of17-picolyl and 17-picolinylidene and rostene derivatives

F-7-P Z. Miladinović, A. Klaus, J. Vunduk, M. Žižić,J. Zakrzewska

Comparative 13C MAS NMR analysis of biomolecules in fungi Grifola frondosa and Phycomycesblakesleeanus

F-8-P V. Dragičević, I. Spasojević, M. Simić, B. Nikolić, Z. Dumanović, V. Jovanović

How different weed management affects free energy and light consumption by maize leaves

F-9-P B. Nikolić, V. Dragičević, H. Waisi, S. Đurović, Z. Milićević, I. Spasojević, M. Brankov

Impactof root manipulation and brassinosteroids on growth, photosynthesis and thermodinamics ofmaize at lower temperatures

F-10-P M. Mitić, I. Lukic, J. Djordjevic, M. Adzic

Association of female gonadal hormones and immunity in depression

F-11-P M. Mitić, I. Lukić, N. Bozović, J. Djordjević,M. Adzić

Fluoxetine normalized nuclear phospho ERK1/2 signaling in stressed females

F-12-P Ž. Brkić, I. Lukić, M. Mitić, N. Božović,J. Brašanac, J. Đorđević, M. Adžić

Involment of prefrontal cortex CDK5 pathway in LPS-induced depressive-like behavior in male and female Wistarrats

F-13-P M. Karaman, S. Gorjanović, F. Pastor, M. Glumac,Lj. Janjušević

Antioxidant activity of lignicolous fungi Schizophyllum commune and Fomes fomentarius: eco-friendly vs airpolluted environment

F-14-P B. Pejin, A. Talevska, S. Gorjanović, F. Pastor,T. Talevski, D. Sužnjević

Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of the freshwater sponge Ochridaspongia rotunda (Arndt, 1937) using two polarographic assays

F-15-P Lj. Janjušević, M. Karaman, B. Pejin, F. Pastor, M. Glumac, M. Rašeta, D. Sužnjević

In vitro antioxidant activity of selected autochthonous macrofungi

F-16-P N. Mandić-Kovačević, S. Živković, T. Rakić,A. Popović-Bijelić

Antioxidant potential of the resurrection plantramonda serbica

F-17-P B. Juskowiak, A. Swiatkowska

G-quadruplex fret probes at the lipid monolayer interface

F-18-P D. M. Jakovljević, J. Nikolić, A. Djurić, G. Đ. Gojgić-Cvijović, V. P. Beškoski, M. M. Vrvić

Synthesis of chromogenic substrate for screening of pullulan-degrading microorganisms

F-19-P Ž. Mitić, S. Stojanović, S. Najman, M. Cakić,N. Ignjatović, D. Uskoković, A. Stolić, M. Trajanović

FTIR and SEM-EDX spectroscopic characterization of biomaterial calcium phosphate/poly-(dl-lactide-co-glycolide) under in vitro simulated physiological conditions

F-20-P I. Vukoje, V. Lazić, V. Vodnik, B. Jokić, S. P. Ahrenkiel, J. M. Nedeljković, M. Radetić

The antimicrobial activity of triangular silver nanoplates on cotton fabric pretreated with chitozan

F-21-P U. Bogdanović, V. Lazić, V. Vodnik, M. Budimir,Z. Marković, S. Dimitrijević, J. V. Džunuzović

Antibacterial activity of copper nanoparticles

F-22-P Č. N. Radenović, G. V. Maksimov, N. S. Delić, G. J. Stanković, M. D. Sečanski, M. D. Pavlović, N. Mitić

Infrared spectroscopy analysis of the maize grain chemical contenet

F-23-P M. Alushllari, N. Civici

Assessment of lead accumulation by leaves of Cynadondactiyon and needles of Pinus pinea

F-24-P M. Čolović, V. Vasić, N. Avramović, D. Djurić,D. Krstić

The effects of diazinon and its degradation products on oxidative stress parameters in rat brain synaptosomes

F-25-P Č. N. Radenović, G. V. Maksimov, R. J. Petrović, N. S. Delić, G. J. Stanković, M. D. Pavlović, M. V. Beljanski

Characterization of advanced maize inbreed lines and hybrids by the methods of physical – chemistry

F-26-P A. Pavićević, S. Šušnjar, G. Bačić

Discriminant analysis in diagnosis of locally advanced breast cancer (labc). An EPR spin labeling study

F-27-P M. Mojović, A. Pavićević, S. Stamenković, M. Jovanović, P. R. Andjus, G. Bačić

Probing spin-probes. The EPR in vivo study of pharmacokinetics of two spin-probes

F-28-P A. Popović-Bijelić, M. Mojović, S. Stamenković, P. Anđus, G. Bačić

Paramagneticmetals in nervous tissue of SOD1-G93A mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

F-29-P T. M. Aliyeu, D. V. Berdnikova, E. N. Gulakova, Y. V. Fedorov, O. A. Fedorova

Photoinduced 6π-electrocyclization of styryl-substituted azines

F-30-P S. Samaržija-Jovanović, V. Jovanović, B. Petković, G. Marković, M. Marinović-Cincović

Radiation stability of hybrid composites based urea-formaldehyde resin modified with micro- and nano-TiO2

F-31-P J. Krstić, J. Spasojević, A. Radosavljević, N. Abazović, U. Jovanović, Z. Kačarević-Popović

Ag-PVA/CMC blend hydrogel nanocomposite synthesized by γ-irradiation followed by freeze/thawing method

(G) Radiochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry
G-1-P B. Šećerov, D. Stančov

Absorbed dose distribution at Vinča radiation plant

G-2-P N. Lazarević, J. Jovanović, B. Adnadjević

Research on treatment of liquid radioactive waste containing cobalt by adsorption on poly(acrilic acid) hydrogel

G-3-P M. Radović, P. Calatayud, D. Janković, B. Antić, V. Spasojevic, G. F. Goya, S. Vranješ-Djurić

Preparation and characterization of 90Y-labelled magnetic nanoparticles

G-4-P Z. Sandić, M. Momčilović, M. Mirković, M. Radović, D. Stanković, Lj. Suručić, D. Maksin

Efficient separation of Tc-99 from aqueous solution using pine cone activated carbon

(H) Material Science
H-4-P J. Pavličević, O. Bera, M. Jovičić, V. Teofilović, B. Pilić, M. Špírková, J. Budinski-Simendić

The influence of different oxide nanoparticles on thermal conductivity of novel polyurethane hybrid materials

H-5-P A. Y. Kulesh, M. A. Eronyan, I. K. Meshkovskiy, V. M. Zolotarev, M. V. Tomkovich

Crystallization of the silica fibers during itsdrawing

H-6-P B. Bouzabata, N. Boutabia, A. Djekoun, S. Alleg

Structural and hyperfine study of the Fe2O3/Mg nanocomposite

H-7-P M. E. Manyakina , A. V. Knyazev

Thermodynamics and X-ray investigation of some thorium phosphates and silicates

H-8-P T. D. Savić, M. I. Čomor, V. V. Tešević, I. A. Janković

Surface modification of anatase nanoparticles with substituted catecholate type ligands

H-9-P M. Vranješ, Z. V. Šaponjić, M. Mitrić, B. Jokić, M. I. Čomor

Morphology transformation induced by calcination: from titania nanotubes to nanoparticles

H-10-P L. Floroian, M. Badea, D. Floroian, C. Samoila

Bioactive PMMA-DOX-glass nanocomposite films forbiomedical applications

H-11-P Z. S. Nikolic, K. Shinagawa

Computer study of grain coarsening due to diffusion within capillary liquid bridge

H-12-P V. S. Cvetković, L. J. Bjelica, N. M. Vukićević,J. N. Jovićević

Alloy formation by underpotential deposition of Mg on Al from nitrate melts

H-13-P M. Radoičić, Z. Šaponjić, Z. Konstantinović,G. Ćirić-Marjanović

Ferromagnetic response of nanocomposites based on polyaniline and TiO2 nanocrystals of different shape

H-14-P M. Vranješ, J. K. Jakovljević, Z. Konstantinović, T. Radetić, M. Stoiljković, Z. Šaponjić

Room temperature ferromagnetizm in Cu2+ doped TiO2 nanocrystals

H-15-P M. R. Gizdavic-Nikolaidis, M. Jevremović, D. R. Stanisavljev,G. A. Bowmaker, Z. D. Zujović

Enhanced microwave synthesis of polyaniline nanomaterials

H-16-P D. Štrbac, L. Šiđanin, S. Lukić-Petrović

Measurement of hardness of Cux(AsSe1,4I0,2)100-x thin amorphous films by microindentation

H-17-P N. Labus, J. Vujančević, M. V. Nikolić

Microstructure changes caused by thermal etching of sintered ZnTiO3

H-18-P T. B. Novaković, Lj. S. Rožić, S. P. Petrović, Z. M. Vuković

Application of Plackett-Burman statistical design for preparing magnesium doped alumina

H-19-P S. V. Smiljanić, S. R. Grujić, M. B. Tošić, V. D. Živanović,S. D. Matijašević, J. D. Nikolić, V. Topalović

Effect of La2O3/SrO ratio on properties of La2O3–SrO–B2O3 glasses

H-20-P C. Blanco, C. Pesquera, A. C. Perdigón, B. Ortiz, F. González,F. Aguado

Intercalation of cationic surfactants in high charge micas

H-21-P A. Kalijadis, J. Đorđević, T. Trtić-Petrović. Z. Laušević

The effect of boron doping on the structure and properties of carbonized hydrothermal carbon

H-22-P A. Kalijadis, M. Vukčević, M. Maletić, M. Laušević, Z. Laušević

Thermal treatment influence on the surface characteristics of the boron-doped hydrothermal carbon

H-23-P M. Carević, T. D. Savić, N. D. Abazović, I. A. Janković, M. I. Čomor

Surface modification of zirconia nanoparticles with selected enediol ligands

H-24-P B. Kekez, G. Dj. Gojgić-Cvijović, D. M. Jakovljević, Lj. Živković,V. P. Beškoski, M. M. Vrvić

Synthesis of gold nanoparticles using aldehyde functionalized levan as reducing agent

H-25-P S. Milošević, R. Vujasin, Lj. Matović, Ž. Rašković-Lovre, L. Pasquini, J. Grbović Novaković

Remarkable sorption properties of MgH2-VO2nanocompostites

H-26-P S. Kurko, R. Vujasin, A. Đukić, B. Paskaš Mamula, J. GrbovićNovaković, N. Novaković

Hydrogendesorption from vacant MgH2

H-27-P J. Kuljanin-Jakovljević, A. Radosavljević, J. Spasojević, Z. Kačarević-Popović

Gamma irradiation induced synthesis of PbS/PVA hydrogel nanocomposite

H-28-P J. Spasojević, A. Radosavljević, J. Krstić, M. Mitrić, M. Kalagasidis Krušić, Z. Kačarević-Popović

Structural characteristics of Ag nanoparticles synthesized in situ within PNiPAAm hydrogel by γ-irradiation

H-29-P G. Šekularac, A. Dekanski, S. Drmanić, V. Panić

Microwave colloidal syinthesis of C/RuO2 supercapacitive composite

H-30-P B. Murić, D. Grujić, D. Milovanović, D. Pantelić, B. Jelenković

Fast fabrication of large area concave microlens arrays

H-31-P O. Adiguzel

Atomic scale aspects of phase transitions in shape memory alloys

(I) Solid State Physical Chemistry
I-3-P O. V. Krasheninnikova, A. V. Knyazev

High-temperature investigation of the some aurivillius phases

I-4-P D. Obadović, M. Cvetinov, M. Stojanović, S. Rakić, A. Vajda,K. Fodor-Csorba, N. Éber

Powder diffraction data for 4-dodecyloxyphenyl 4'-decyloxybenzoate

I-5-P M. Cvetinov, D. Obadović, M. Stojanović, S. Rakić, A. Vajda,K. Fodor-Csorba, N. Éber

Influence of π-π aromatic interaction on formation of smectic mesophases

I-6-P G. Mülazımoğlu Kizilirmak

Critical linear lattice dimension of the four–dimensional Ising model on the Creutz cellular automaton

I-7-P R. Vujasin, B. P. Mamula, I. Milanović, J. Grbović Novaković, N. Novaković

Near-surface hydrogen dynamics in titania

I-8-P H. Ozturk, C. Kurkcu, C. Kurkcu

A new high pressure phase and structural phase transitions of magnesium fluoride

I-9-P C. Kurkcu, H. Ozturk

Ab-initio calculations of high pressure structural phase transition in Chromium Dioxide

(J) Macromolecular Physical Chemistry
J-4-P I. Stanciu

New method to calculate Hansen solubility parameter for EPDM

J-5-P V. D. Dolzhikova, Yu. G. Bogdanova, A. G. Majouga, E. K. Beloglazkina

Co(II) self-assembled monolayers on gold: contactangles and quartz crystal microbalance data

J-6-P Yu. G. Bogdanova, J. V. Kostina, V. D. Dolzhikova, A. V. Plutalova, V. V. Yulusov

Influence of residual solvent on surface energy of poly(styrene/n-butylacrilate) binary copolymers of differentmicrostructure

J-7-P B. Ekmeščić, T. Tomković, S. Vidojković, D. Maksin, J. Marković, A. Nastasović

Kinetics study of molybdenum sorption on amino-functionalized copolymer

J-8-P T. Tomković, F. Radovanović, A. Nastasović, J. Marković, B. Ekmeščić, S. Vidojković, A. Onjia

Polyethersulfonemembranes with integrated adsorbent particles for heavy metalscapture

J-9-P J. V. Kostina, E. V. Chernikova, N. I. Prokopov, A. Yu. Gervald, A. Yu. Nikolaev, A. A. Baskakov, S. M. Kishilov

Features of polyconjugated system formation under low-temperature IR-pyrolysis: influence of comonomer nature and reaction mediaduring synthesis

J-10-P I. S. Ristić, B. Ikonić, R. Radičević, B. Pilić, T. Radusin, V. Aleksić, N. Vukić

Investigation of thermal degradation of rubber based on different network precursors

J-11-P R. Radovanović, M. Jovičić, B. Pilić

Effect of PVC plastisol composition and processing condition on tensile resistance

J-12-P T. S. Radoman, V. V. Vodnik, J. V. Džunuzović, K. B. Jeremić,A. D. Marinković, E. S. Džunuzović

Influence of alkyl gallate surface modified TiO2 nanoparticles on the rheological properties of alkyd resin

J-13-P I. S. Stefanović, M. Špírková, R. Poręba, M. Steinhart, D. Micić, V. Tešević, M. V. Pergal

Novel siloxane based polyurethane nanocomposites

J-14-P J. V. Džunuzović, M. V. Pergal

Synthesis and characterization of polyurethanescross-linked with aliphatichyperbranched polyester

J-15-P I. S. Stefanović, D. Gođevac, V. Tešević, M. V. Pergal

Thermoplastic polyurethanes based on poly(dimethylsiloxane): structure and thermal behavior

J-16-P Z. Sandić, D. Maksin, A. Nastasović, J. Marković, R. Hercigonja, S. Milutinović, A. Onjia

Perrhenate sorption by amino-functionalized glycidyl methacrylate copolymer: investigation of rhenium as an analogue of radioactive technetium

J-17-P Z. Sandić, D. Marković, T. Novaković, Z. Miladinović, R. Hercigonja

Palladium sorption by amino-functionalized macroporous copolymer from chloride–nitrate solutions

J-18-P T. Novaković, A. Nastasović, Z. Vuković, Lj. Suručić

Monolithic porous polymer composite

(K) Environmental Protection, Forensic Sciences, FoodPhysical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry
K-6-P A. Čučulović, D. Veselinović

Desorption of 137Cs from brachythecium mildeanum (schimp.) schimpmoss using acid solutions

K-7-P S. Kovačević, S. Gadžurić, L. Jevrić, S. Podunavac-Kuzmanović, M. Vraneš

Nonlinear modelling of HPLC retention of a series of pesticides using neural networks with Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno algorithm

K-8-P Zs. Csanádi, A. Szabó Nagy, J. Szabó

Heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons associated toairborne PM10 in Győr, Hungary

K-9-P T. D. Grozdić, A. Hegediš, M. Nikčević, G. Mesaroš

Water quality of lake ,,Palić,, in the period 2011-2013

K-10-P T. D. Grozdić, A. Hegediš, M. Mićković, Z. Gačić

Water quality of protected nature reserve ,,Uvac,,

K-11-P J. Petrović, M. Đorđević, M. Đokić, R. Dragović, M. Nikolić, M. Ćujić, S. Dragović

Vertical migration of 137Cs in the undisturbed soil profiles in the basin of Pčinja river, southeastern Serbia

K-12-P D. M. Marković, I. R. Milošević, G. Roglić, D. Manojlović

Changes in tree-ring chemistry in plane (Platanus acerifolia ait.) and source apportionment

K-13-P I. R. Milošević, D. M. Marković, G. Roglić, D. Manojlović

Larch Ca/Al ratio in tree-rings as an indicator of soil acidification

K-14-P J. Kiurski, J. Ranogajec, M. Vučinić Vasić, V. Kecić, I. Oros

The efficiency of clayey pellets for Zn(II) ions removal from a waste printing developer

K-15-P J. Kiurski, S. Aksentijević, I. Oros, V. Kecić

Mutual influence of the indoor pollutants during photocopying process

K-16-P M. Šljivić-Ivanović, A. Milenković, M. Jović,I. Smičiklas

Comparison of various bovine bone treatments for the preparation of effective Ni(II) sorbent material

K-17-P S. Dimović, I. Smičiklas, M. Šljivić-Ivanović

Mobility of Co2+ and Sr2+ ions in the contaminated soil: column study

K-18-P A. Samolov, S. Dragović, M. Daković

Correlations between meteorological parameters and 7Be specific activity measured at ground level air in Belgrade, Serbia

K-19-P A. Smara, H. Necib

Study of the degradation parameters of Congo red using fenton process

K-20-P M. Radišić, N. Dujaković, S. Kovačević, N. Šenk, M. Dimkić, M. Laušević

Occurrence and concentrations of pharmaceuticals and pesticides in groundwater in Serbia

K-21-P K. Kumrić, A. Đukić, Lj. Matović

Application of raw and modified clay for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions

K-22-P M. Todorović, M. Kuzmanoski, T. Ljubenović

Horizontal distribution of heavy metal concentrations in urban park soil

K-23-P D. Milojković, T. Anđelković, G. Kocić

Gas-chromatography mass spectrometry determination of phthalate esters concentration in water samples

K-24-P M. Todorović, M. Perišić, S. Rajšić

Source apportionment study in Belgrade urban area

K-25-P M. Perišić, M. Todorović, S. Rajšić

Assessing PM10 required source emission reduction in Obrenovac

K-26-P M. Stanković, A. Mitić, N. Krstić, D. Djordjević, R. Nikolić, A. Bojić

Preparation of cellulose acetate-montmorillonite composites for waste water treatment

K-27-P S. Pisanjuk, M. Đolić, Lj. Janković-Mandić

Natural radioactivity in the soil samples of Subotica, Serbia

K-28-P A. Šoštarić, A. Stojić, S. Stanišić Stojić, Z. Mijić

Traffic-related VOC dynamics in Belgrade urban area

K-29-P A. Stojić, S. Stanišić Stojić, A. Šoštarić, Z. Mijić

The contribution of chemical industry to ambient VOC levels inBelgrade

K-30-P A. Šoštarić, M. Perišić, A. Stojić, Z. Mijić, S. Rajšić

Dynamics of gasseous pollutants in Belgrade urban area

K-31-P N. Sarap, M. Milenković, J. Senćanski, M. Janković

Determinationof total and radioactive strontium (90Sr) in wastewater samples

K-32-P M. F. Ghorab, R. Djellabi

Simultaneous removal of methylene blue and hexavalent chromium by TiO2/Fe(III)/sunlight

K-33-P S. Mico, A. Deda, M. Alushllari, A. Deliu

Spatial distribution of ozone and nitrogen dioxide in an urban trafficsite in Tirana, Albania

K-34-P M. P. Petrović, T. P. Brdarić, V. M. Pavelkić

Mass transfer kinetics during osmotic dehydration of „abatefetel“pear in sucrose solution

K-35-P D. Micić, S. Ostojić, M. Simonović, B. R. Simonović

Thermal characteristics and oxidative stability of raspberry and blackberry seed oils followed by DSC

K-36-P S. Ostojić, D. Micić, L. Pezo, B. R. Simonović, L. Lević

Osmotically dehydrated pork meat - the glass transition

K-37-P M. Simonović, M. Dojčinović, S. Hranisavljević, B. Simonović

Determination of antioxidant activity in strawberries, raspberries and blackberries of the West-Serbian origin

K-38-P M. Simonović, M. Dojčinović, S. Hranisavljević, B. Simonović

Nutritive values of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry of the West-Serbian origin

(L) Phase Boundaries
L-1-P N. Jović-Jovičić, P. Aranda, M. Darder, E. Ruiz-Hitzky, P. Banković, M. Žunić, A. Milutinović-Nikolić

Chitosan-smectitebiointerfaces vs. alkylammonium-clay interfaces in adsorptionprocess

L-2-P R. Todoran, D. Todoran, Zs. Szakacs

Dynamicdetermination of the complex dielectric coefficient of thechalcopyrite natural mineral - xanthate solution interface

L-3-P R. Todoran, D. Todoran, Zs. Szakacs

Someoptical and electrical properties of the chalcopyrite naturalmineral – etyl xanthate solution interface

L-4-P S. Vidojković, B. Ekmeščić, T. Tomković

Experimentaltechniques for characterization of the magenetite/aqueouselectrolyte solution interface at elevated temperatures

L-5-P K. Kumrić, Đ. Petrović, G. Vladisavljević, M. Stoiljković, L. Slavković-Beškoski

Separationof yttrium from strontium by hollow fibre supported liquidmembrane containing di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid

L-6-P Đ. Petrović, A. Đukić, K. Kumrić, I. Milanović, Ž. Rašković-Lovre, Lj. Matović

Sorptionof pertechnetate onto ordered mesoporous carbon

L-7-P D. Vučinić, M. Kostović, P. Lazić

Effectof galena surface oxidation on ethylxanthate adsorption on galena

L-8-P S. N. Blagojević, S. Gajinov, N. Potkonjak, S. M. Blagojević, N. Pejić

Determinationof tenside mixtures efficiency: conductometric and stalagmometricinvestigation

(M) Complex Compounds
M-3-P D. Dimić, M. Petković

Stability and vibrational spectra of different complexes of Cu and Fe ions with (E)-N’-[1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)ethyliden]isonicotinoylhydrazide)

M-4-P Ž. Mitić, M. Cakić, G. Nikolić, I. Savić, G. Nikolić, A. Veselinović, Lj. Ilić

ATR-FTIR microspectroscopic characterization of cobalt(II) reduced dextrancomplexes

M-5-P Z. D. Tomić, M. Mirković, N. Nikolić, D. Stanković, D. Mijin, A. Kapor

Influence of the weak interaction on the structure of metallocycle inbinuclear copper(II) complex

M-6-P S. Zlatanović, O. Kovacević, B. Kovacević, A. Radulović, S. Ostojić, L. Pezo

Characterisation of curcumin and boron-curcumin complexes by UV-VIS diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

M-7-P O. Kovacevic, B. Kovacevic, S. Zlatanovic, A. Radulović, L. Pezo, Lj. Lević

Characterisation of curcumin and boron-curcumin complexes by IR-spectroscopy

M-8-P G. V. Janjić, P. V. Petrović, D. N. Sredojević,S. D. Zarić

Stacking interactions of bipyridine complexes

(N) General Physical Chemistry
N-1-P D. M. Todorović, D. V. Jović, K. T. Radulović,D. Markushev, M. D. Rabasović

Photo thermaldynamic elastic vibration of square membrane

N-2-P B. Nastasijević, А. Ž. Tomović, V. P. Jovanović, R. Žikić, S. Veličković

Analysis of 4,4′-bis(2,2′diphenyl vinyl)-1,1′-biphenyl using the atmospheric-pressure solids analysis probe for ionization

N-3-P D. Škorić, D. Ćirin, M. Poša, J. Čanadi

Investigation of sodium 3-dehydrocholate association in aqueous solution

N-4-P N. I. Potkonjak, S. N. Blagojević

Influence of hydroxycinnamic acids on the oxy-radical generated iodide/hydrogen peroxide reaction system

(O) Geophysical Chemistry
O-1-P P. I. Premović

Cretaceous-paleogene boundary clays: arsenic and crude oil

O-2-P P. I. Premović

Arsenic of cretaceous-paleogene boundary clays and deccan volcanic event

(P) Education, History
P-1-P S. Kalamković, T. Halaši, J. Mandć

Dorothy Hodgkin Crowfoot as exscelent physical chemist

P-2-P T. Halaši, M. Mikloš, S. Kalamković

Arpad Kiss physical chemist

P-3-P T. Halaši, S. Horvat, J. Mandić, N. Popsavin, S. Vrsajković

Contribution of Henry Cavendish to the development of some physical chemistry fields

(Q) Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry
Q-1-P J. Odovic, B. Markovic, K. Karljikovic-Rajic

In vitro modelling of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor’soral absorption using micellar thin-layer chromatography

Q-2-P V. Dobričić, A. Stanišić, B. Marković, S. Vladimirov, O. Čudina

Developmentof reversed-phase thin-layer chromatography (RP-TLC) assay forlipophilicity assesment of 17-carboxamidederivatives of prednisolone and dexamethasone

Q-3-P S. M. Sunarić, N. B. Tatić

Investigationof the reaction between tetracyclines and 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical

Q-4-P M. Bošković, N. Todorović, D. Filipović

Compromised glutathione-dependent redox system of chronically isolated rats: a harmful side effect of clozapine

Q-5-P N. Todorović, J. Stevanović, D. Filipović

Olanzapine reverts the isolation-induced alterations in rat hepatic glutathione-dependent defense system

Q-6-P N. Todorović, M. Bošković, D. Filipović

Fluoxetine failed to prevent isolation-induced changes of glutathione-dependent defense in rat hippocampus

Q-7-P M. Geđa, B. Ivković, S. Vladimirov

Validation of RP-HPLC method for determination butylated hydroxytoluene in pharmaceutical dosage forms

Q-8-P S. Filipić, M. Salem, M. Shenger, J. Vucicević,M. Popović, D. Agbaba

RP-TLC in quantitative structure-retention relationships of some alpha adrenergic and imidazoline receptor ligands

Q-9-P M. Popović, M. Grujić, G. Popović, D. Agbaba

Theeffects of anoinic and cationic surfactants on acid-baseequilibria of irbesartan

Q-10-P J. Vucicević, K. Nikolić, V. Dobricić, D. Agbaba

Application of PAMPA model to predict BBB permeability of forty comercial drugs

Q-11-P B. Kekez, G. Dj. Gojgić-Cvijović, D. M. Jakovljević, V. P. Beškoski, M. M. Vrvić

Synthesis and characterization of levan-amphotericin B conjugate

Q-12-P J. Savić, J. Brborić, S. Dilber, S. Vladimirov

Determination of log p of newly synthetized β-hydroxy-β-aryl-alkanoic acids using RP-HPLC method

Q-13-P Ž. Gagic, B. Ivkovic, J. Vucicevic, D. Agbaba, K. Nikolic

The synthesis of amino acid analog of vitamin E

Q-14-P I. Kostić, T. Anđelković, D. Anðelković, A. Bojić, T. Cvetković, D. Pavlović

DEHP leaching from medical devices used for peritoneal dialysisdetermined by GC-MS

Q-15-P S. Blagojević, I. Borić, N. Erić, A. JanoševićLežaić, R. Daljević

Determination of chloride in the pharmaceutical preparations using fluorescence quenching method